Spine Services

Spine Services

Eschen’s spinal bracing solutions provide stability and support while maintaining comfort.  Our practitioners have experience with all types of spinal orthoses, ranging from the most difficult scoliosis cases, to the straightforward cervical collar.  With our in-house fabrication laboratory, custom spinal braces can be produced quickly and precisely.  Our practitioners specialize in the following braces:

Scoliosis braces

Boston Back Brace

Charleston Bending Brace

Rigo Cheneau- style Brace

Milwaukee Low-Profile Brace

Providence Brace


Spinal Bracing

Cervical Collar

Pinless halo and Minerva brace



Post-fusion Corset

Osteoporosis stabilization

Postural Training

Please see the link below to view our off-the-shelf spinal brace options:

Spinal Bracing Rack Card