Prosthetic Services

Prosthetic Services

We know the service provided is but a single aspect of your total experience, and our practitioners will work closely with your physician and rehabilitation team to ensure you reach your fullest potential.

Our patients are empowered to take control of their own recovery by establishing an Individualized Therapy Plan (“ITP”).  ITPs are the product of collaboration between us, our patient, their doctors and physical therapists.  Our ultimate goal for each of our patients is to achieve full independence, confidence, and comfort.  With over 100 years of combined experience there is no case too challenging or complex for us to succeed.

We are well versed in upper and lower extremity prosthetic care.  It takes knowledge and personalized attention to assure the best solution for each patient.  The Eschen staff takes the time to listen to the individual needs of our patients, discuss available options and implement an optimal custom fitting process.  Our staff has expertise in all areas of prosthetics, including:

  • Immediate post-operative fittings
  • Preparatory prosthetics
  • Flexible wall sockets
  • Endoskeletal or exoskeletal
  • Partial hand restorations
  • Partial feet restorations
  • Conventional arms

Our practitioners are also on the cutting edge of innovative new treatments, and have extensive experience in:

  • Ultra-lightweight systems
  • Ischial containment designs
  • Suction suspension
  • Iceross systems
  • Flexfoot systems
  • Joint and lacer systems
  • Micro processor knee systems
  • Myoelectric arms

Please contact us any with any questions or concerns, or to book an appointment today.

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