Eschen’s Cranial Bands

Eschen’s Cranial Bands

Eschen’s cranial remolding orthosis will remold your child’s head into a more symmetrical shape. Because infants experience rapid growth of the skull between 3 and 18 months, it is possible to achieve this safely and painlessly.

Typically, infants wear the cranial band for 22-23 hours a day, and the treatment program may continue up to 18 months of age. As the baby grows, follow-up visits with the orthotist are required to adjust the fit of the cranial band and ensure the best clinical outcome for your child.

Eschen’s Cranial Bands Feature the Latest Technology

Eschen’s cranial bands are custom-made to fit the individual shape of each baby’s head. Using the state-of-the-art Biosculptor™ hand-held scanner and CAD/CAM computing software, we are able to capture three-dimensional images of your child’s head. The measurements we take are exact to within one millimeter and the scanning process is quick, easy and painless. Most importantly, scanning with the Biosculptor™ is noninvasive so the practitioner does not need to touch the infant’s head, but rather moves the scanner around the head while the infant is sitting securely and contently in their parent’s lap.

Cranial Helmet Brochure

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